SnapSmile lets you earn rewards for: 

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Brushing your teeth

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Snapping your Oral Health Selfie 

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Motivating your loved ones

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Improve your Oral Health.

Earn Rewards.

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Earn rewards for improving your Oral Health

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Do a Free Dental Check-up
from your Smartphone


Use SnapSmile’s free AI-powered to do a dental check-up from home, using your iPhone. See if your device is supported.

+500 pts

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Subscribe to a care box, built by a dentist.


With custom care from the comfort of home and a curated product box, we help you create an oral wellness routine that works.

+1000 pts

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Pair your profile with our
Smart Brush.


Superior-guiding AI technology & soft, anti-bacterial bristles For a Hygienist approved clean.

+100 pts

Better Oral Health comes with perks

Gift Card

Complete your personalized challenges to improve your oral health and get Shopping Card rewards every month.


Subscribed to a SnapSmile dental plan? Earn up to $10 in monthly cashback for monitoring your oral health.

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