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Revolutionizing the Dental Practice Revenue Model

Turn your patients, into lifetime subscribers

SnapSmile Plans help dentists provide affordable dental care directly to their uninsured patients.

Around 110 million uninsured North Americans don’t visit the dentist due to cost. Implementing a dental membership plan at your practice can be your first step in establishing freedom from insurers and enabling new patients to access the care they need.

Increase your production by ~50%, introducing SnapSmile plans to your clinics.

How SnapSmile Works

Build a Custom Plan

Develop a custom plan that suits your clinic’s needs and target patients. Design the plan components based on local patient trends, set your own pricing, and patient communication protocol.

Tell your Patients about it

SnapSmile helps get the word out about your new innovative dental plan to your target patient base. Our white-label solutions improve your clinic’s brand reach and conversion into new patients.

Manage your plan

Use our platform to customize your pricing, update your patients, send offers, and more! Use our auto-renewal feature to make renewal
a breeze.

SnapSmile Membership Software

By designing your own plan, developing a foundational base of recurring revenue, and engaging with a new-found, highly motivated patient base, you can comfortably and confidently grow your practice for years to come.

SnapSmile helps you increase your community reach.

For Patients

Dental plan that provides price transparency and meets my oral health needs

A trusted and easy to use channel with direct access to my dentist

Eliminates the unknown with dental care and helps me learn about my oral health so I can improve

For Dentists

A bespoke plan that I can cater to my local community based on their needs

Plan members provide a stable and recurring source of revenue which provides greater visibility into the future of my practice growth

Patients are more engaged with this easy to use a channel and self-initiate requests for dental care

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

We're SnapSmile, a Canadian-based Dental Technology company. Our mission is to help people improve their oral health by delivering more affordable access to dental care. Our clinics partner with us to benefit their local communities.

What is a dental membership plan?

SnapSmile plans work much like any other subscription program you may be familiar with (i.e. Netflix or a gym membership). Patients pay a monthly or annual fee to gain access to a set scope of preventive dental services from their dentist. All payments are made directly to the dentist and treatment is designed and delivered by the clinic. Our clinic partners have reported significant growth in their production and patient traffic within the first 3 months of offering SnapSmile plans to their communities.

How do I get started with a dental membership plan?

Schedule a demo with our team to get started.

Turn your patients, into lifetime subscribers today

Learn how a single location, 4-dentist practice sold 208 memberships in its first year on providing dental plans and netted over $83,000 in recurring annual revenue.

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