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Simply upload 5 images of your teeth to learn if you have any dental issues and more - all from your smartphone!

How it works

Build your Profile

Start building your profile by starting the SnapSmile self-assessment. Download the app to get started. 

View results

Once you complete the self-assessment, we'll tell you how your Dental health is doing.

Get insights and recommendtaions

You'll get a custom dental plan, along with your own dashboard for you to manage everything dental. From booking appointments, to monitor your dental health. 


Insights that help preserve your teeth. 

Currrent Dental health

Use the SnapSmile app to upload a few images of your teeth and learn if you have any signs of dental issues. It's free and takes a few seconds!

Dental health progression

See how your dental health is progressing over time, and get useful insights you can use to improve your dental health. 

Dental health predictions

Receive occasional predictions about how your dental health could be progressing. Take action by trying in-app dental health challenges. 


Manage your dental health using SnapSmile and save. 

Monitor and Improve your dental health

All you need to do is answer a few questions, and upload 5 images of your teeth. Our technology uses this information to assess your dental health, and provide you with an almost instant dental health report. It all happens on your phone or computer, within 2 minutes -- or less! 

Get personalized pricing for all dental treatment

You never know how much your dental treatment will be, until after the appointment is done, that's why we're here to help. SnapSmile assesses your dental health to tell you how much your next dental visit could cost you.

Need a dental treatment? Learn how much it may cost you

Find a new dentist, schedule appointments 

Never have trouble finding a new dentist again. At no cost, our smart technology will help you find a new Dentist, and stay forever connected to your new favourite Dentist. 

Link my Dentist

Your data is secure. 

We're compliant with US health data regulations

SnapSmile delivers built-in privacy and security protocols tailor-made to the dental and health industry expectations, including encryption, cert, and key management, backups, monitoring, and logging. 

Security and privacy is our priority. 

Only you have access to your data and it will always remain this way. Our team ensures on an hourly basis that our security protocols are keeping your data safe. 


Our customers say it best. 

SnapSmile Saved me a tooth - and almost $1,000!

I used SnapSmile to see how my dental health was, and learned I could have signs of a cavity. I almost $1000 on an extraction!

Patricia A. 

I can now monitor my dental health from home. 

Pretty easy way to monitor my dental health, and budget my family's dental visits. I like how it tells me what dental issues I could have, and how much the treatments may cost me. 

Learned about my gingivitis and booked a discount appointment

I used the dental assessment tool in the app and it told me I might have early signs of gingivitis. Booked an appointment in app and saved $80 on my treatment! 

Matt P. 

Kathy W. 


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