Connect with your Patients Remotely.

Dentists can connect with patients remotely, assess their issue and find new patients on SnapSmile. 

Connect with new, and current patients that are left out of options during COVID-19. 

SnapSmile keeps you going. 


SnapSmile is built with security as a priority. SnapSmile is HIPAA Compliant to ensure all data is secure. 


Receive payments directly to your bank account, quick and secure after each patient consultation.


Get priority access to our customer success team that will attend to your concerns with speed and accuracy. 

Exceed your patient's expectations.

Connect to your patients remotely

Connect to your patients using our secure video-chat and messaging platform. Communicate with existing patients, and find new patients with SnapSmile.

Manage your clinic virtually

Upload patient details from any other platform you currently use, and start using SnapSmile to automate tasks, schedule patients and keep track.

Monitor and track patient activity.

SnapSmile helps you receive and track your payments, keep track of your patient information - all on one platform. 

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