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Shift your Dental Practice.

SnapSmile helps you connect with patients, diagnose using our AI virtual diagnosis assistant and write prescriptions - virtually.

Why SnapSmile?

88% of patients surveyed wanted a digital medium to get access to oral health care.


Your Patients want a new way of accessing Oral Health Care

SnapSmile helps reduce churn, and increases yearly visits.

Patients are encouraged every 3-4 months to use our tool to learn how their oral health is.

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Be ahead of other clinics

Being first as a registered clinic on SnapSmile allows you to reach a higher number of patients before other clinics.  


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Technology Meets Oral Health Care at Home

SnapSmile allows your patients to take access to oral health care to their home, through their mobile device.

How SnapSmile Works


SnapSmile Virtual Care

Set your schedule and connect with patients through video, and view close up images of their teeth. Send a prescription to the patient’s pharmacy if required!

SnapSmile Self Assessment

Patients upload images of their teeth every few months and we use AI to determine whether there are any new signs of issues.

We’ll take care of your
Patient’s Smile in-between visits.


Patients can use our oral health self check up tool to stay engaged with their oral health at home. Patients will be notified if we detect an oral health issue, and will then have the option to visit you virtually, or in person to follow-up. 

See Your Patients More Often


Our platform also allows you to follow up with patients, without taking up valuable chair time. Patients can now see you virtually through our platform to get their minor-medium severe issues solved much quicker.

Keep Patients Engaged


Patients can learn more about the issues we detect, and will receive tailored recommendations, oral health kits and emails on your clinic's behalf - reducing the efforts of your staff. 

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