A dental plan more

powerful than insurance

Now available in Canada! Get all the preventive dental care you need now just $20 per month.

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Reduce your dental expenses

SnapSmile was made for people that realize that Preventive Dental care can help deter almost every dental health issue.


For $25/month, you get access to preventive dental care, such as cleanings, x-rays, and more. No more surprise bills and now you know what to pay before walking in. 

Manage your dental plan

Pause or activate your plan anytime. Add family members, chat with a dentist and get prescriptions - all through our app!

Schedule appointments
with transparent pricing for treatments

Schedule appointments and see prices for treatments, not covered under your SnapSmile care plan. Don't have a dentist, or want to find a new one? Use our app to find a 5-star verified Dentist. No booking fees!

A reward system designed to help you towards eternally healthy teeth.  

Get rewards for booking appointments and in-app check-ins. Claim your $10 for just getting started!

We're making it easier and more affordable than ever to have healthy teeth. 

Cleanings, exams and routine x-rays at no additional cost

Exclusive discounts off other procedures, like fillings

Benefits that start immediately and run for 12 months from the date you join

100% transparency -- you will never be surprised by hidden terms or treatment cost!

No deductibles, waiting periods, annual maximums, denials of claims or pre-approvals

$20/month gets you access to all the preventive dental care you need.  

On a one-year plan. 

SnapSmile Care Plan

$20/month on a one-year plan. 

2 Professional Cleanings

With any dentist of your choice.  Don't have a dentist yet? Get matched with a, five-star dentist from our platform.

1 Emergency exam

Top-down diagnostic along with an instant second opinion for any treatment, if required. 

Up to 25% off dental treatment

We've locked in exclusive prices for almost all dental treatment - such as fillings, root canals, and more. 

4 virtual dental visits

Need a prescription? Just have a few questions for your Dentist? Easily book a 5-minute call and chat with your dentist within the app. 

Rewards for improving your dental health

We designed a reward system that's focused to help you improve your dental health. Earn $5 for checking-in, $10 for chatting with your dentist, and up to $50 for visiting the dentist! You could earn up to $100 per year in rewards!

Interactive Dental health challenges made for you

Discover new ways of taking care of your dental health. You can gain access to challenges that are designed for your personal dental needs. Simply answer a few questions in the app to get started. 


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Do you work with Dental Clinics? 

We currently work with clinics to bring you this plan. We simply provide the platform needed for clinics and users to reap the benefits of this plan. 

How much do I have to pay?

The plan is $25 per month and must be paid for the entire year. This includes preventive care included in our plan description. 

Can I get 25% off any Dental treatment? 

You can get up to 25% off almost any dental treatment! View rates

Can I cancel my plan anytime?

Yes, you can. You can get a full refund if you haven't used any benefits. We're flexible, so just give us an email at support@snapsmile.io to cancel your plan. 

How can you offer such good deals?

We partner with dental clinics to access the best deals. Our platform makes it really easy for dental clinics so that they can continue to provide quality care at affordable prices. 

Get Early Access

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