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Get all the preventive dental care you need, through curated virtual and in-clinic services. 

Your oral health needs are unique

So should your coverage

SnapSmile is a digital-first oral health platform modernizing dentistry to help you smile healthier and happier for life. 

Build your free plan today. 


How SnapSmile Works

Build your free plan

Start your care plan & book appointments

Get your dental report, and oral health recommendations


Personalize your Dental Care Plan

Complete our oral health quiz and upload 5 images of your teeth to get your personalized dental care plan. 


Understand your oral health

Your SnapSmile Dentist reviews your oral health quiz and images to prepare a comprehensive report, tailored recommendations, and a plan that helps you achieve your oral health goals. 


Smile your way to better oral health, in-clinic or virtually.

Access your dentist-designed benefits through our free and PHIPA compliant platform - which include virtual, or in-clinic preventive care. Healthier gums, fresher breath and happier smiles with SnapSmile. 

What's Included

These are the benefits included in the SnapSmile dental plan, and the schedule of services:

Month 1 - Month 6

Initial Dental Consultation

First Dental Cleaning - 45 minutes

Visual Exam

Annual X Ray 

Month 7 - Month 12

Second Dental Cleaning - 45 minutes

Visual Exam

15% off Dental Treatment

Access Year Round

Monthly Virtual Dental Consultations*

Monthly Personalized Dental Health Reports*

Manage your dental records (Coming soon)

Send progress reports to your dentist

*Available with submission of dental quizzes on a monthly basis. This is free

What is the difference between SnapSmile and Dental Insurance?

The SnapSmile plan is service between a patient and SnapSmile , with no insurance middleman in the way.


Unlike traditional dental insurance, you get a personalized plan, with a subscription price that covers all the preventive dental care you need. A dentist recommends what services you need once you get started.   

There are no deductibles, denials of claims, or pre-approvals, lowering cost and administration burden. 

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes, you can. You can get a full refund if you haven't used any benefits. We're flexible, so just give us an email at to cancel your plan.

Is my information safe?

As a digital health company, privacy and security of personal data is priority number 1.

All of your data is encrypted (meaning no one can read it) and secured following the strict guidelines set out by Canadian PHIPA.


We do not sell your data and only use it to make our solution better for you (i.e. identifying a clinic within 5km radius of your postal code). Access to your personal data is restricted and any medical data (i.e. images of your teeth) are stored securely and only shared with dentists with your consent.

Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

Get started today. 

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